Ownat Grain Free Hypoallergenic Salmon

foto Ownat Grain Free Hypoallergenic Salmon
“We present Ownat Grain Free Hypoallergenic Salmon , The perfect choice For dogs with allergies and intolerances . Our unique formula Without cereals Present Salmon as the only source of animal protein , Providing an excellent alternative to discriminate allergies and intolerances. Salmon also provides optimal levels of Essential fatty acids , Which are important to maintain a Healthy skin and a silky and shiny hair. In addition, our recipe includes carefully selected natural ingredients to provide complete and balanced nutrition. Give your furry friend the best with Ownat Grain Free Hypoallergenic Salmon.”


Fresh salmon * (min. 30% before extrusion), dehydrated salmon (16%), hydrolyzed salmon (14%), healthy guisantes (12%), root mandioca plants* (9%), animal fat (preserved with natural antioxidants), algal vanilla (5%), deshydrated potatoes 5%, cotton* (1%), pulp, salmon acid (Preserved with natural antioxidants), gamma salt*, dehydrated alfalfa, fruit and oligosaccharide, dehydrated marine algae* (500 mg/kg), glucosamine (500 mg/kg), yucca schidigera, sulfate conglomerate (100 mg/kg), airtight* (100 mg/kg), tomato* (80 mg/kg), mantle flour * (80 mg/kg), hinojo* (80 mg/kg), Equinox* (80 mg/kg), tea green* (80 mg/kg).*NATURALES


Protein: 28%, fat content: 18%, raw fibers: 4%, inorganic matter: 8%, moisture: 8%, omega 6: 2.80%, omega 3: 1.1%, calcium: 1.2%, phosphorus: 0.95%.


Vitamin A 22,000 UI, vitamin D3 1,500 UI, vitamin E 350 UI, vitamin C 100 mg, Carniolan 200mg hydrated amino acids) 5 mg, manganeso (Manganeseo(II) oxide) 50 mg, zinc (zinc oxide) 100 mg, hiero (Hydro(II) sulfate monohydrate) 50 mg, zinc 4mg, selenio (selenito saudico) 0.3 mg, kcal/kg 3.930. With natural antioxidants.


Store in a cool, dry place. Always leave clean, fresh water within the dog's reach. Best before: see date (18 months), batch number and registration (ESP25300123) on the back of the package.