foto de un precios Yorkshire al acabar su corte de pelo

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On our website we offer a full dog grooming service for your dog. Our service includes everything your dog needs to look and feel good.

Complete washing of the dog

Our dog grooming service includes a complete wash of the dog. We use high quality products to make sure your dog is clean and with a soft, shiny coat.

Pad arrangement
We also take care of the arrangement of your dog's pads. We clean and care for the pads so your dog can walk comfortably.

Nail clipping
Nail trimming is another of the services we offer in our dog grooming. We make sure to trim your dog's nails carefully to avoid any damage.

Finally, our dog grooming service includes cutting your dog's hair. We make personalized cuts according to the breed and style you prefer for your dog.

Visit our website to learn more about our dog grooming service and to schedule an appointment for your dog.

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