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Do you know what the panting of dogs is due to?

It is well known that when humans are hot, our body tries to fight it through sweat.

Do you know that our dogs don't sweat? So they don't get hot? Here is the answer to the article title, our pets combat heat through panting and paw pads, so if you see your dog panting, don't be afraid, because nothing is wrong with him except that he is hot. Therefore, just as we try not to spend many hours in the sun during the hottest hours, especially in the summer, with our pets we must act with the same logic.

It is important that if we go for a walk with them in very hot hours, we go provided with water so they can drink.

And how important are the pads to combat the heat.  Through the paw pads, dogs eliminate excess heat by perspiration (which is why we see that they leave their footprints on the ground when they are hot).


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