Ownat Author- La excelencia en alimentación para mascotas

Ownat Author- Excellence in pet food

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At I love Dog Wash Orihuela Costa we are always looking for the best for our pets. That's why we're excited to introduce you to Ownat Author, a new range of dog and cat food made with 90% natural ingredients. What makes Ownat Author special is that you will only find fresh meat and fish in their recipes, without any type of dehydrated meat.

These healthy and tasty recipes are ideal for cat and dog diets. At I love Dog Wash Orihuela Costa we are proud to offer Ownat Author products to our customers. If you want the best for your pets, Ownat Author is an excellent option.

Are you looking for the best food for your dog or cat?

We have good news! Ownat Author has launched a new range of natural products for dogs and cats that you will love. This range is characterized by not containing meat meal and only having fresh meat in its recipes. In addition, presents at least 90% natural ingredients.

Within the Ownat Author range you will find delicious and healthy options for your pet, such as Ownat Author Grain Free Duck&Chicken, Ownat Author Fresh Lamb&Pork, Ownat Author Grain Free Rooster, Ownat Author Junior Fresh Chicken, Ownat Author Fresh Oily Fish&Poultry (cat) and Ownat Aut Hor Grain Free Sterilized Fresh Chicken (cat). Each of these recipes is made with fresh, local ingredients to guarantee the highest nutritional quality.

Do not wait any longer to offer the best to your pet. Try the new range of Ownat Author products and discover the difference that a natural diet can make in the health and well-being of your dog or cat.

Welcome to Ownat Author!

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