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Benefits of Ozonated Water

It is already proven by numerous studies that ozone is known for its natural purifying properties. It is capable of effectively removing contaminants found in water, air and in contact with surfaces.
Thanks to these disinfectant properties, with ozone we can eliminate 
 viruses, bacteria and bad odors from the environment. But for this we will need to treat it with a process called ozone therapy, which consists of using ozonated water for therapeutic baths or as a complement to medical treatments, helping in the process of disinfection, healing and relieving symptoms related to inflammatory processes.
For all these reasons, when we bathe our pets with this treatment, we are helping to eliminate skin irritation and strong odor in pets.
Here is a YouTube video made by opinion leader expertoanimal in which they tell us about the benefits of bathing our pets with this water. In this case, the process is carried out in a pet car wash from the I LOVE DOG WASH franchise, which is precisely the one I belong to. Without further ado, go ahead video HERE.
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